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What is the best niche product to sell online?

Advances in technology and internet devices are contributing to a number of changes in consumer behavior. He becomes more sociable and in a hurry. This is an opportunity for anyone who manufactures or wants to sell a niche product for e-commerce . It’s easy to come up with new business ideas, but you also need to be in tune with the market.

Many who are considering opening their own online store are skeptical about the need for a company profile and good e-commerce ideas, as well as operations and organizations.

After all, the better your business segmentation, the more likely you are to sell your product. With that in mind, we created a list of the 14 most relevant product niches to sell on the internet .

Healthy eating

More than losing weight or keeping fit, good nutrition has become a life goal in a more conscious and well-informed world. With the increase in available information, however, has also come the reduced time to research and buy the best health products.

Several ideas for e-commerce are emerging to take advantage of this opportunity and there is still a lot of room to grow. The trick to investing in this niche is to give consumers not only the products, but to create a relationship of trust with tips on health, special packages and even food routines to retain them.


Fashion is a niche that never loses its importance. It’s an old industry, but it always creates opportunities for new ideas. After all, it has always reinvented itself, opening more doors for the sector.

One of the novelties to sell more in the fashion e-commerce is to bet on the purchase and sale of second-hand clothes, an online store for second-hand clothes is a lasting trend.

One thing about fashion is that you can also create sub-niches. You can monitor behavioral trends and react to the market first.


Just like fashion, aesthetics has always been one of the best and biggest on the market, both in the old and in e-commerce. The possibilities are many: cosmetics, makeup, handmade soaps, nail and hair products, and so on.

The difference between beauty and fashion is that there is still room for growth as the latter has grown significantly in a short time. In addition to traditional products, there are many e-commerces that are currently gaining attention in this niche.

For example, many influencers seek to use cosmetics not tested on animals and of vegan origin, without much chemistry. There are also functional products that combine beauty and health.

The advice is to bet on the offers. The public is more aware of the impact of the search for beauty on a healthy body. The first online store to take advantage of this effort was a great success.


Among the most promising areas of e-commerce to invest in is the home and decoration sector . This is still notable given the 23% increase in sales in Q1 2020 in this segment.

The population gains new consumption habits, such as the incessant search for personalization and also for happiness. This is a characteristic that is also reflected in the decoration market. Therefore, if this is the market of choice, it is essential to be aware of consumer trends and needs.

Some of the advantages of this niche are the large target audience, the diversity of products and the high sales potential . But ideally, your store stands out from the competition and specializes in something that appeals to the most discerning customers.


It’s a relatively new niche and there’s still a lot of room for people with good ideas. In this sense, the beverage e-commerce initiative has grown significantly, investing in exclusivity and quality so that the public enjoys tasting the products they consume and learning more.

An example is an online store that sells craft beer. Several microbreweries have emerged in Brazil with a focus on high quality and consumer experience. Building partnerships with these companies and leveraging differentiated relationships with consumers is a fun tip for getting into the beverage e-commerce.


If you’re looking to connect your new brand with a younger, tech-savvy audience, the gaming market is probably ideal. In fact, the sector has grown significantly in Brazil in recent years, mainly due to the proliferation of mobile devices.

However, it should be noted that the gaming industry includes not only games, but also video game consoles and accessories, computer consoles, t-shirts, hats, key chains, books, jewelry, and much more. This opens up possibilities for action for those who invest in the sector.


Are you a sports fan? So, you don’t have to worry too much about choosing the segments that make up the e-commerce. After all, working with what you love is the key to success . In this context, one idea is to sell sporting goods in an online store.

You can specialize in specific sports such as wrestling, swimming, running, cycling, yoga and dancing. Also, you can use a variety of items to meet high demand.

Another point to be highlighted concerns the public, which is often very sensitive in this area. For example, to avoid sending offers to buy men’s shirts from a team to everyone in the state of São Paulo, you need to segment your contacts well.

Thus, you will offer the right product to the right customer.


Gift shops sell all year round and take advantage of birthdays to get their peak. The great advantage of the niche is the constant updating of products, helping the store to remain relevant and attractive to the consumer. So, if that’s your option, don’t stop looking for new gift ideas and start personalizing, being a big sales factor in the region.


Partnerships with foreign suppliers offer two different opportunities in the electronic world when implementing dropshipping . On the one hand, the ability to find wholesalers in China, get products at good prices and thus increase profit margins. On the other hand, you can find high quality brands in Europe and America.

In this way, you can cater to a wide variety of audiences. After all, electronics range from products like digital watches to smart technology solutions like smartwatches. Also, there are still some gadgets that don’t even support phone cases.


Computers and smartphones are products that can be found in the homes and hands of most consumers today. With this sale we have a series of products, from chargers for gamers, headphones, keyboards, mice to no-breaks. The IT industry is very promising, so an established e-commerce timeline is needed.

In fact, the most sought after (and selling) fashion products today are quickly becoming obsolete compared to new ones on the market. Therefore, be very careful when building stocks with this type of product to ensure a profit on what is sold.

Natural products

The consumer is more attentive, and in addition to price, wants quality. The demand for natural products is on the rise, especially when it comes to personal items in the areas of food, personal hygiene and cleaning products. It is usually a niche established by quality information.


Cosmetics are on the rise, both natural and high-tech. Slimming and rejuvenating products are the ones that most arouse interest in people looking for this beauty. However, the market is expanding and opportunities are increasing.

When creating an online cosmetics store, you need to think about marketing your e-commerce and protecting your product line. After all, demand is high and competition is fierce. Think about what makes your business different. Are you affiliated with a brand already recognized in the market? Exclusive or handmade, natural or vegan? Let’s report these differences.


In fact, online pet stores can offer many benefits!

And that’s because more animals are adopted each year. After all, many couples and people who live alone choose to have a pet instead of children. Due to lack of time for children and financial limitations.

Families invest heavily in the well-being of their pets, while children still need more attention and resources. In this way, every day more pet parents appear in the country and this segment continues to grow.

Therefore, opening an online pet shop can work very well!


First, the US online toy industry grew by 13.3% from 2014 to 2019. This includes online sales generated only by online retailers and companies that have a physical store.

Interestingly, experts claim that the industry is booming due to increased consumer spending. In addition to the increased security and convenience of online shopping in recent years, it’s no wonder that business is booming.

Mainly, the online toy industry is expected to keep growing in the next 5 years. So if this is the niche you are thinking about, now is the time to start growing!

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