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Tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

For those who want to get good professional opportunities, having a well-made resume is essential. And in addition to adding the experiences, courses and qualities in the document, it is important that the resume has a good presentation.

Known as the candidate’s «business card», the resume is the first step in a selection, and can even determine whether or not the candidate will be called for an interview, and even for a job vacancy.

Also, a very important tip for any professional is to create a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is a website specialized in business, which, because it has the format of a network of relationships, became known as the social network of business. The site was founded in December 2002 and is suitable for anyone who wants to create and maintain corporate relationships and work contacts.

On the site, you can create a contact list, find job opportunities or improvement, advertise job vacancies and professional topics, find people through contacts of people you already know, and find references for people.

With the purpose of connecting candidates with company recruiters, the site attracts several young people every year, who are looking for a new job. LinkedIn currently has around 400 million active users.

Nowadays, there are already companies that only hire professionals through LinkedIn, since the profile can serve as a cover letter. Despite this, many profiles are incomplete, and recruiters find it difficult to assess.

Having a good profile means having interest, concern, and dedication. Even a student, who may not yet have much professional experience, can create a profile that attracts the attention of recruiters.

Knowing the importance of this, we brought some tips to help improve your LinkedIn profile.

Pay attention to your biography

ALWAYS be sincere and honest in your profile. Remember that many people will have access to your profile, from co-workers to managers, directors, and clients. Also, invest in a good summary, telling who you are in a simple and professional way.

use keywords

To facilitate searches, you must define very well your profession and what you want. Use words that describe your profile. See some examples:

-If you are a student, the tip is to use the word “student”, as this is the word that recruiters look for when looking for someone with this profile.

-if you are an Information Technology professional, use the term “IT” or “IT Consultant”.

Remember to be careful not to exaggerate and abuse the terms, and to use only what is necessary.

The importance of the profile picture

The photo you will put on your profile should re-present your professional image. You don’t need to post a photo taken by a professional photographer, but you need to be careful. No blurry photos, or too dark. Also, consider your area of ​​expertise: is it formal or informal? Ideally, the photo should represent your professional image. Another important issue is to keep the photo up to date, so avoid using old photos.

Always keep your profile up to date

Don’t think that just creating a LinkedIn profile is enough. Maintaining a current profile is essential. Did you take a course last weekend? Add to your profile. All information related to your job and professional future must be added.

Extra Tips

– Don’t forget to put a professional background photo. Avoid posting very personal photos. Prefer neutral backgrounds.

– Companies also look at what you filled in – or not – in the “other” fields, such as volunteer projects, causes, philanthropic organizations, etc.

– Interacting with your contacts is very important and is part of maintaining relationships. Send a congratulations when someone gets a new job!

– LinkedIn offers the possibility to have profiles in more than one language, and this can be very important, depending on your area of ​​expertise. To do this, you need to click on the arrow next to the “View profile as” button and click on the “Create profile in another language” option. The site mirrors the current information and you just need to translate it.

– Appear first on Google by customizing your URL. You can get a shorter signature if you customize the link with your professional name, so you can go up in Google searches. To edit your URL, simply select the tweak icon next to the URL that LinkedIn provides, just below the photo.

And now? Ready to build a successful professional profile?

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