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The 10 skills of the professional of the future

Everyone wants to be a professional of the future. After all, those who are prepared to face the challenges of the job market in the next five or ten years will have a better chance of career success. But the question that few know how to answer is: what are the skills of the professional of the future?

If you also ask yourself this question and are in doubt when getting the answers, keep reading. In this post, you will find out what knowledge companies appreciate most in young workers!

#01 Technology

If you think about it, not even half of the technologies we use today existed ten years ago. And even existing ones, like cell phones, have changed dramatically in recent years. That is, with each passing year, we have dozens of new technologies appearing on the market.

And in the corporate world, this is also quite real. The use of data management and analysis software is increasing every day, which requires workers to know how to deal with these technologies.

Therefore, one of the skills of the professional of the future is, without a doubt, to be aware of the technologies that impact their profession and to master them.

#02 Human Relations

A good ability to relate to colleagues, suppliers, customers, and all the people who are part of the work environment is one of the skills that the professional of the future will have. This is because, while machines take over manual and repetitive tasks, people are increasingly dedicated to activities that require communication, interaction, and relationships.

#03 Data Analysis

One of the characteristics of the professional of the future that you should take very seriously is the mastery of Big Data or Data Analysis. The best experts will be able to understand and decipher vast amounts of information and use it to the advantage of the business.

#04 Knowledge management

In addition to understanding and deciphering the enormous amount of data that we have access to today, knowing what to do with all this information is one of the skills you will need.

#05 Multiculturality

Being multicultural is more than knowing different cultures. It’s about taking advantage of all this knowledge, and combining it to create new solutions and possibilities.

Ah, we cannot fail to include language skills in this case! Learning at least one foreign language is part of the skills of the professional of the future and brings direct benefits to you. In fact, this is nothing new, but it will gain even more strength from now on.

#06 Virtual Collaboration

This point is directly connected with the first one we listed, about technology.

It is necessary to know and have mastery of virtual collaboration tools, such as: file-sharing platforms, social networks, and communication software, among other resources available to facilitate the management of enterprises and improve productivity.

#07 Critical thinking

Critical thinking is one of the skills of the professional of the future that allows for the improvement of processes, the development of new methods, and the creation of previously unthinkable realities.

#08 Leadership

If you ask yourself what the professional of the future should be like, you cannot leave out a skill that has always been and will continue to be fundamental in organizations of all types: leadership. This competency reflects a professional’s ability to make teams work efficiently.

#09 Ability to change

The market is increasingly dynamic, due to the speed with which new solutions are developed. Ten years ago, we hardly talked about the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, or machine learning, for example.

Given the speed with which these new technologies are launched on the market, it is essential that the professional of the future develop the ability to quickly adapt to new business models, new work formats, and, of course, new technologies.

#10 Believe in personal growth

Any professional of the future needs to learn, grow and evolve. And if you have a growth mindset, you understand that your skills and intelligence can be developed. This person also knows that his effort for improvement will allow him to reach new goals. That’s why it’s important to face challenges, learn from mistakes and always pursue the best of yourself.


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