Why mental health professionals hate Insta-Therapy

A few months ago, Shaifila Ladhani, a Delhi-based psychotherapist, was questioned by her client, who told her that her suggestion of creating grounding strategies (techniques to manage traumatic, distressing emotions) together was the “worst possible solution”. asked the client why she thought so, she realized that a therapist on Instagram had dissed these techniques on … Read more

Mental Health Startup Cerebral To Stop ADHD Prescriptions For New Patients

Kyle Robertson, Cerebral Cofounder and CEO. Cerebral The mental health startup Cerebral said it would stop prescribing controlled substances to treat ADHD for new patients on Wednesday, a week after an ex-executive filed a lawsuit alleging he was fired in retaliation for speaking up about unethical business practices, including the company‚Äôs practice of overprescribing stimulants … Read more