Fewer than one in three patients admitted to wards within HSE target of six hours

FEWER THAN ONE in three patients who attended Ireland’s emergency departments last year were admitted to ward within a HSE target time of six hours, a new survey has found. The 2021 National Inpatient Experience Survey reveals that long waiting times in emergency departments remain a problem, with just 29% of people admitted to a … Read more

Ultra-long-haul flights: Your body and mental health | Science | In-depth reporting on science and technology | DW

For many people, the idea of ​​getting on a 13-hour flight is bad enough. But some airlines are now gearing up for non-stop flights of 20 hours or more – known as ultra-long-haul flights. Qantas has ordered plans that will allow the Australian airline to offer non-stop flights from Sydney and Melbourne to New York … Read more

Rise in gun violence during pandemic adds strain to overburdened hospitals

Between March 2020 and February 2021, there were about 62,500 firearm-related incidents in the US — 15% higher than expected based on previous trends, according to a study published Thursday. These incidents resulted in more than 10,000 excess non-fatal injuries and about 4,400 excess deaths† Early in the pandemic, as hospitals filled to capacity and … Read more

Staring at your image on Zoom can have consequences for your mental health

In the past few years, people around the world have spent more time on video chat programs like Zoom and FaceTime than ever before. These applications mimic in-person encounters by allowing users to see the people they are communicating with. But unlike in-person communications, these programs often also show users a video of themselves. Instead … Read more

Investigating the Link between Cleaning and Mental Health

Cleaning is considered to be a form of stress relief, among other activities such as mindfulness and exercise practices. Research has demonstrated that cleaning can yield several positive effects on mental health. Among them, a sense of control and a calming effect caused by the engagement of cognitive capacity in a repetitive activity is the … Read more

Campaigners warn menopause symptoms go way beyond hot flushes and say women are often misdiagnosed

The 34 menopause warning signs that GPs must recognize: Campaigners warn that symptoms go way beyond sleeping issues and hot flushes and say women are often misdiagnosed Hot flushes, low mood and difficulty sleeping are common side effects But there are more than 30 that could indicate estrogen levels are dropping Mandatory menopause training could … Read more

Workers grapple with new stresses as they return to office

NEW YORK (AP) – Last summer, Julio Carmona started the process of weaning himself off a fully remote work schedule by showing up to the office once a week. The new hybrid schedule at his job at a state agency in Stratford, Connecticut, still enabled him to spend time cooking dinner for his family and … Read more

Why ‘exercise snacking’ could extend your life by two years

Part of the reason, Price believes, is that the messaging around exercise has become too complicated. “I do feel that the notion of ‘moderate exercise’ is slightly misunderstood, making it seem somewhat unattainable to some demographics,” he says. His aim is to simplify the messaging and empower us all to start moving more. When I … Read more

Severe Covid can cause brain impacts equivalent to aging for 20 years

Even patients who weren’t sick enough to be hospitalized could have signs of impairment. People who suffer with severe Covid infections could experience lasting mental impacts that may be the equivalent to 20 years of aging, a new study has revealed. According to scientists from the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London who led … Read more

Anxiety and depression are linked to a higher risk of developing chronic diseases in some people

The research team split the adults into three age groups by sex: 20, 40 and 60 years old. Each participant was sorted based on whether they celebrated those milestone birthdays between 2005 and 2014. The study also included a follow-up on December 31, 2017. The participants were further divided into four groups: those with anxiety; … Read more