Personal construct therapy found to be effective in reducing depression in women with fibromyalgia

May 9 2022 Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic disease of unknown origin, which is characterized by chronic pain and often accompanied by symptoms of depression. It mainly affects women, and there is no cure, but various treatments can help relieve the symptoms. Cognitive-behavioral psychological therapy has proven to be a useful tool in this area. Now, … Read more

The Effect of Diet on Mental Health

The brain controls and regulates most of the body’s vital functions, conscious or not. For this reason, it is essential that the brain receives a steady supply of fuel and oxygen. The fuel is obtained by metabolizing nutrients made available in the bloodstream, originating in the digested food. The brain consumes 20% of the daily … Read more

Campaigners warn menopause symptoms go way beyond hot flushes and say women are often misdiagnosed

The 34 menopause warning signs that GPs must recognize: Campaigners warn that symptoms go way beyond sleeping issues and hot flushes and say women are often misdiagnosed Hot flushes, low mood and difficulty sleeping are common side effects But there are more than 30 that could indicate estrogen levels are dropping Mandatory menopause training could … Read more

Deploying machine learning to improve mental health | MIT News

A machine-learning expert and a psychology researcher / clinician may seem an unlikely duo. But MIT’s Rosalind Picard and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Paola Pedrelli are united by the belief that artificial intelligence may be able to help make mental health care more accessible to patients. In her 15 years as a clinician and researcher in … Read more