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Is it possible to open a virtual chocolate store?

With the frequent increase of virtual stores, the question is common: Is it possible to open a virtual chocolate store?

Online chocolate stores in recent years

Before answering this question, we need to remember that in recent years – with the impact of the pandemic – Easter has happened completely online: virtual meetings, sending eggs through deliveries and shopping for Easter eggs over the internet .

According to data from Norust , in 2021, the amount of orders for easter eggs online increased by 89% compared to the same period in 2020 .

Thinking about selling chocolates over the internet, the Lacta brand , for example, digitized the entire online system , thinking precisely about the usability and shopping experience for the online consumer.

How to open an online chocolate store?

Think about your positioning

Before starting your project, you need to define whether your chocolates will be thin, regular, vegan, or even fit (sugar-free, etc.). This will help you in positioning the brand, in addition to having a goal to work on .

Set chocolate prices

Typically, chocolate prices vary according to quality , in addition to other costs, such as marketing , the e-commerce platform , the packaging that will be used and delivery logistics .

Have a good e-commerce platform

Something that is also extremely important for anyone who wants to sell chocolates online is to have a good e-commerce platform .

Without a good e-commerce platform, you probably won’t be able to make your online store grow as it should.

How to sell chocolate online without melting it?

But, you must be thinking: how can I sell chocolate if it can melt during delivery?

The truth is that there are alternatives that range from its manufacture, to the moment of choosing the delivery service. Check out:

  • Chill the chocolate before shipping

By refrigerating it, you allow it to stay cold longer during the trip. Chocolate is usually solid at room temperature, but we know it can suffer from higher temperatures during shipping, so keeping it cold before then is very important.

  • Wrap the chocolate in aluminum foil

That way, the chocolate will be protected, in addition to the paper keeping it cold.

  • Craft a cold pack, freezing first

Prepare an already frozen cold pack and place it behind your product, in the shipping box. It will maintain the temperature of the box.

  • Indicate that the product is fragile

When the products are packed, mark them on the box by writing “Keep refrigerated”, so they know that product should not be left in hot temperatures.

  • Look for an express delivery service

It is very important that the company responsible for the delivery of your products is express, or at least has this option.

  • Consider evaluating your logistics

In addition to these tips, it is important to always consider that your store only delivers to specific states, where the delivery service guarantees that the product will arrive quickly. Also consider evaluating delivery days and leaving this to the consumer at the time of purchase, sending the chocolates only at the beginning of the week, for example.

Having an online chocolate store requires a lot of dedication and strategy, as it is an extremely fragile product . But, as we have seen in this article, it is not an impossible task.

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