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By following some essential tips, naturally the intern will have greater chances of being permanently hired by the company where he works.

Socialize with other employees

It is essential to have a good relationship with co-workers and always guided by professionalism and respect. In this way, harmony and good coexistence between people from the same company will only result in positive points .

By constantly socializing with other employees, you show interest in the place you work, build high-quality networking on the internship, and become more respected by the people around you.

“It’s great for interns to get to know co-workers, but be careful how much personal information you share and how you behave. Your new colleagues can act like friends, but it’s always good to have a boundary,” says Morris Rishty, CEO of Real Underwear.

master english

It is already proven through several researches that the professional who dominates the English increases the chances of being promoted and of earning a salary increase, the same goes for the intern.

The importance of the English language is constantly growing and, in certain areas, the intern can excel through mastering the language. In an internship in the accounting area, for example, knowing the financial terms of the foreign language is something that can boost the chances of passing the internship.

In a recent survey carried out by Catho, it was found that interns who speak fluent English increase their salary level by up to 40%. This study also extends to trainee and apprentice.

Never be late for appointments

Commitment is the basis of professional life and this starts from an early age, through the internship. One of the best ways to show commitment and professionalism is through punctuality.

Therefore, never being late is a fundamental pillar when it comes to increasing the chances of being hired in the internship. After all, the intern who is usually late and does not show commitment to the company has little chance of being hired permanently.

When you arrive late for work, the ideal is to communicate in advance about the possible back, justify yourself to the superior and apologize for what happened. Actions that seem small, but that are important to build a relationship of professionalism and trust with employees who are higher in the hierarchical level.

Remember to follow the dress code

Science and work research have already proven that the dress code is essential for employees in many areas and the same applies to the intern — it is no accident that there is the saying “those who dress well are prepared for success.”

According to Kerry Schofield, British psychologist and managing director of Good.Co, good attire in the workplace is essential, and she adds: “In general, dressing and acting professionally makes a good impression and makes it clear that you are willing to strive. Research shows that the way a person dresses affects not only the way others see them, but also the way they see themselves. Dressing for success really works.”

Of course, clothing must comply with dress code policies. If she doesn’t have any, just use common sense and choose an outfit that matches the company’s ideals.

If the intern works at a law firm, for example, he needs to follow a more formal line in dress. As an intern at an online gaming startup tends to have greater freedom in this regard, the casual style makes more sense.

don’t be afraid to ask

The internship is also a place to learn and part of the learning process comes through asking questions and being proactive in better understanding certain professional roles in the area.

In addition, in certain conflicting situations at work, it is much more advantageous for the intern to turn to a co-worker to clear up doubts than to simply perform a task without knowledge of the subject that can result in negative feedback.

There is also the fact that when the intern asks more experienced professionals, he shows that he is interested in evolving and that he has the ability to absorb positive teachings from co-workers.

Proactivity is good, but beware of excess

The intern looking for success in the company needs to be known as a professional who gets the job done and not as one who creates new problems.

Proactivity at work when done at the right times is essential for the intern, such as advancing the next day’s tasks, helping other colleagues who have accumulated work and much more.


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