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How to choose my professional career? 7 reflections you need to do to get it right

Many people have a dream job since they were little. But for others, deciding which way to go is a big challenge.

There are countless possibilities and choosing just one can seem like something quite difficult. Even more for those who have no experience in the market or do not deeply know any profession.

There are many choices and possibilities, which becomes a great responsibility. After all, it’s a decision that will accompany you for years, if not a lifetime.

Which field of study do you prefer?

Throughout your years of study in Elementary and High School, you had those subjects that you liked the most, right? The ones you enjoyed studying and did well in your papers and exams. This helps a lot to define the area with which you have the most affinity.

If you’ve always liked History, Geography and Literature, the professions related to Human Sciences will give you more options for acting that you might be interested in.

In the case of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, look for courses in the Exact Sciences area. On the other hand, if you loved Biology, all courses in the area of ​​Health and Biology offer a wide range of activities.

In which work environment do you identify yourself?

Do you see yourself working in an office, in front of a computer? Or would you like something with more movement and even travel? These points are essential when considering a career.

There are activities that depend entirely on your position at a desk. Others need you to be in several different places.

There are also those professions that will bring a mix. A journalist, for example, spends a lot of time in front of the computer, doing research and writing, but he also goes to all kinds of places to carry out his interviews and reports.

What’s your profile?

Your profile is also relevant when choosing a career. For example, in your day-to-day are you more organized, and do you plan? So a profession that involves strategies is more interesting.

Prefer to resolve everything as soon as possible? Activities involving the operation can be successful. If you like and know how to deal with the public, services that need this type of interface are indicated.

Do a self-assessment and see what type of activity you identify with.

Have you ever taken a vocational test?

There are experts who help you solve the doubt about how to choose your professional career. Several psychologists offer vocational tests.

These tests consist of varied questions, which will take into account your likes, abilities, personality, and desires.

The result is not necessarily an answer in which you must force yourself to follow a profession. But, it contributes a lot to direct you to fields of activity where you can do well!

What do you think is the ideal salary?

This issue weighs heavily on many people. There are professions that are better paid than others, often due to the level of knowledge, dedication and responsibility. If this is important to you, do some research to align your expectations.

However, your salary will always be defined by the trajectory you build. A trade manager can earn as well as a doctor. An accounting director can earn much more than a lawyer.

Do you know what you’re good at?

Everyone is good at something. Start noticing your skills and identify how they can be applied to a career.

For example, if you do well in debates and have great public speaking, you might do well in law.

Do you like social media and do people always praise you about approaching subjects and your posts? Sometimes studying Social Communication is a good thing!

If you love to cook and invent recipes, Gastronomy has been opening up more and more possibilities.

That way, in addition to choosing a field in which you already have an affinity, you increase your chances of success with skills that you already excel in.

Talk to people already in the job market

As much as market studies point to estimates about careers, only those who really live a profession know the pains and joys of it.

So talk to people who already work in an area that you are interested in. Ask about the opportunities, difficulties, working hours, challenges, and the chances of growth in the field.

Also, ask about the activities you carry out on a daily basis. Often, there is an idealization of a profession. But there are many things behind it that may not necessarily please you.

Golden tip: don’t rush!

Here’s a precious tip: take the decision calmly. Consider everything that surrounds you.

It is common for people to immediately choose the profession they are going to exercise because they have an urgent need to enter the job market or start their graduation. But this can result in a selection that doesn’t suit you.

Evaluate everything, to get it right the first time!

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