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Female Entrepreneurship: 6 things you need to know about it

Women are overcoming social barriers and gaining space in the market. They have been showing their strength, creativity and success at the head of the most diverse companies. Therefore, female entrepreneurship has been gaining more and more prominence and relevance.

But it is clear that we still have a long way to go for women to have the same opportunities as men in the labor market. That’s why we’ve selected 6 things you need to know about female entrepreneurship. Keep reading!

Much more than women in charge

Female entrepreneurship is not just about having women at the head of brands and companies. It is a beacon of hope for millions of women who want to be recognized in the market and a flag raised for a constant struggle.

In 2018, the average monthly earnings among entrepreneurs were R$2,344, while that of female entrepreneurs was R$1,831. In other words, what was already seen in corporate environments is also transposed when women are in charge of businesses.

Even women’s requests for loans and lines of credit are impacted. According to the survey, on average, businesswomen usually have access to about R$13,000 less than men when applying for this type of financing. To make matters worse, interest rates are often higher. Women pay 3.5% more interest than men.

That’s even considering that female entrepreneurs are better payers than they are. The default rate among females is 3.7% while males are 4.2%. In other words, it is necessary for the changes to continue so that there is at least an equalization of this scenario.

Entrepreneurship tips for women

Entrepreneurship itself is not easy and for women, unfortunately, it can be even more challenging. That’s why we’ve separated six tips that will help you on this successful journey!

1. Know how to manage your time

Dividing college with an entrepreneurial activity can seem challenging at first. But if you organize yourself right, you can start your own company even before you graduate.

Plan your activities in advance and keep track of your appointments. For this, use online or physical tools such as calendars, and planners, among others. Always define what is a priority and write down the times of everything. When starting a business, time is money!

2. Have a business plan

There are several areas in which a young entrepreneur can work. Ideally, you identify the ones you have the most affinity with and start exploring opportunities.

Once the idea is defined, it is recommended that you make a business plan. This document is nothing more than the entire planning of your company: from the product or service you want to offer to the marketing plan to promote it!

3. Financial and business education is essential

Knowing how to use spreadsheets, organizing cash flows, and finding the best way to invest your business’s profit, all is something you, as an entrepreneur, will have to do.

Courses such as Management Processes and Financial Management help a lot who wants to prepare to be an entrepreneur. The administration is another training that contributes a lot to those who want to undertake it.

4. Keep up to date

No matter how good you are at what you do, there is always something to learn. Keep up to date on your niche in the market and your area of ​​expertise, the technologies that can be applied to improve your business and even new management possibilities.

Read news and articles, participate in workshops, lectures, events, make specializations and always try to be aware of innovations that can transform your business!

5. Develop a good network

Knowing people who can help you create and develop your business in a sustainable way is essential. So invest in your networking.

Try to meet professionals in the area in which you want to undertake and talk to college colleagues who can join you in this endeavor.

There are certainly many other university students waiting for an opportunity to invest in female entrepreneurship!

6. Don’t Get Rid Of The Imposter Syndrome

Do you know that feeling that people see you in a superior way than you are? This is called Imposter Syndrome. It is a psychological disorder identified by psychologists Suzanne Imes and Pauline Clance in 1978, which causes people, even when they are good at what they do and are successful in their careers, to think of themselves as frauds.

Studies show that this syndrome affects more women than men. This is due to the various barriers that need to be broken down daily by feminism and the constant need to prove and reaffirm.

So remember: your success is the result of your work and a result more than deserved, especially for everything that has already been fought. If you need help seeing this, a psychologist can help you work through these issues internally.


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