NYC Covid-19 Hospitalizations, Deaths Rising, Omicron B.2.12.1 Spreading

The number of new reported Covid-19 cases has been trending upwards in New York City since early … [+] March around the time many Covid-19 precautions such as face mask and vaccination requirements were lifted. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for The Business of Fashion) Getty Images for The Business of Fashion New … Read more

COVID-19: the next phase and beyond

After living for more than 2 years with COVID-19 — with over 6 · 2 million confirmed deaths (but probably many more, with an estimated 20 million excess deaths) —and over 510 million confirmed cases — the world is at a critical point. The omicron wave, with its high transmissibility and milder course than previous … Read more

Tiny Channels Discovered Inside The Human Skull Could Be Vital For The Brain

A shortcut between the skull and the brain could be a possible way for the human immune system to bypass the blood-brain barrier. Researchers recently discovered a series of tiny channels in mice and human skulls, and in mice at least, these little pathways represent an unexpected source of brain immunity. Previously, scientists assumed that … Read more

Vaccine to stop Covid transmission should now be a top priority, says leading UK scientist | Pharmaceuticals industry

It is questionable how much longer the current Covid-19 vaccines will be used as they have largely done their job in preventing mass deaths, and scientists should focus on developing a vaccine that stops transmission of the virus, according to leading scientist Sir John Bell. The huge success of Covid vaccines in countries able to … Read more