Should You Go For Opd Health Subscription Plans?

Yogesh Agarwal, founder and CEO of Onsurity, an insurance brokerage firm, said that a health insurance subscription model can provide holistic health and wellness benefits for India’s missing middle. “We believe that a true subscription model will effectively cover both IPD (in-patient department) care and OPD costs. In that case, if you subscribe to a … Read more

Immunocompromised? You may be eligible for this medication to help protect from COVID illness – PUBLIC HEALTH INSIDER

If you or someone you know is at higher risk from COVID-19 because of a compromised immune system, pre-exposure prophylaxis (also called PrEP, available as the product Evusheld) can help to protect from severe disease. When taken before infection or exposure, Evusheld helps your body fight the coronavirus and avoid getting really sick or needing … Read more

Woman, 80, goes blind in one eye after hospital appointments were canceled during pandemic

Woman, 80, goes blind in one eye after series of hospital appointments were canceled during pandemic Janet Harris, 80, lost sight in her right eye after a year of missed appointments She had seen doctors about pressure in the eye in 2019 but Covid canceled follow-ups Janet finally got an appointment in 2021 but was … Read more

‘Young and healthy’ frontline workers denied PPE during first Covid wave

Some frontline healthcare workers were told they did not need protective equipment or testing because they were “young and healthy” during the first wave of Covid-19, while others were forced to share equipment such as thermometers and goggles, an unpublished report for the Health Service Executive (HSE) has revealed. One staff member who requested leave … Read more

Sonoma Pharmaceuticals and MicroSafe Group DMCC Announce EPA Approval for Nanocyn® Hospital-Grade Disinfectant in the US

WOODSTOCK, Ga., May 03, 2022†BUSINESS WIRE)–Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNOA), a global healthcare leader developing and producing patented Microcyn® technology-based stabilized hypochlorous acid (HOCl) products for a wide range of applications, including wound, eye, oral and nasal care, dermatological conditions and disinfectant use, and its partner, the MicroSafe Group DMCC, received EPA approval for Nanocyn® … Read more

The Psychedelic Gold Rush: Marketing The Future Of Mental Healthcare To The Masses

The psychedelic industry could revolutionize mental healthcare. Compounds like MDMA and psilocybin are rapidly being pushed through clinical trials and have already been embraced by numerous cities and states across the US. With the psychedelics gold rush upon us, experts are warning about the need for marketers to prioritize sober education about intoxicating profit. After … Read more

WellaHealth Expands its Healthcare Services with the Launch of WellaHealth 2.0

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for and importance of virtual services. Everything from shopping, to work and even medical services shifted to the digital space. With increasing digital adoption globally and in Africa specifically, telemedicine services are becoming even more essential to the well-being of those who would normally not have … Read more