Super short workouts can be surprisingly effective

Placeholder while article actions load It sounds like one of those outrageous infomercial claims – get fitter and healthier from as little as one minute of exercise. But In this case, the assertion isn’t too good to be true. There’s now a strong body of research showing that even workouts of 10 minutes or less … Read more

This Calisthenics Workout Can Help You Clock More Miles — No Equipment Required

Calisthenics workouts may have been around for a long time, but there’s good reason people still use this exercise method to get fit. Practicing calisthenics — or rhythmic bodyweight exercises—Requires no equipment, only a small space, and they help you improve muscular endurance or how long your muscles can work without fatiguing, Raj Hathiramanicertified running … Read more

Is the Peloton Guide – the company’s new strength-training device – a worthy gym replacement?

The sleek Peloton Guide costs $ 395 and focuses on strength-training instead of cardio.Handout When the world shut down in March, 2020, my family made popular pandemic investments to cheer us up including a puppy and Peloton Bike (no air fryer as of yet). On cold winter days, I’d wake up with grand plans to … Read more

Why ‘exercise snacking’ could extend your life by two years

Part of the reason, Price believes, is that the messaging around exercise has become too complicated. “I do feel that the notion of ‘moderate exercise’ is slightly misunderstood, making it seem somewhat unattainable to some demographics,” he says. His aim is to simplify the messaging and empower us all to start moving more. When I … Read more