Why Am I Sweating More When I Work Out?

Picture this: You’ve just finished an intense cycling class and are so soaked with sweat that it almost looks like you’ve just stepped out of the pool. But when you peek around the studio at the other riders clipping out of their pedals, you notice that they’re comparatively cool and dry. The differences in how … Read more

How to break through a weight-loss plateau

When you lose weight, your body burns fewer calories at rest and during physical activity than it did before.Getty Images / iStockphoto Q: Since January, I’ve lost 15 “pandemic” pounds. I have more to lose but my weight loss seems to be stuck now. What gives? Weight-loss plateaus are a normal, but frustrating, part of … Read more

The rise and fall of the senior fitizen

But as the body gets creakier and more dawdling, what exactly is deemed as safe practice? Should we really be aspiring to run marathons or pump up the pecs in our senior years? Gray insists that we should. “It’s good to challenge yourself at any age. Post-pandemic, many older people lost their confidence around mixing … Read more

SoulCycle Founders Start Peoplehood, With Workouts for the Self

Since last summer, a start-up in beta mode has been soliciting volunteers to take part in 55-minute sessions called “gathers,” where strangers discuss their deepest hopes and fears. The fledgling company, Peoplehood, is led by entrepreneurs Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, who combined sweat and spirituality in their last venture, the high-end fitness chain SoulCycle. … Read more