Tiny Channels Discovered Inside The Human Skull Could Be Vital For The Brain

A shortcut between the skull and the brain could be a possible way for the human immune system to bypass the blood-brain barrier. Researchers recently discovered a series of tiny channels in mice and human skulls, and in mice at least, these little pathways represent an unexpected source of brain immunity. Previously, scientists assumed that … Read more

Vaccine to stop Covid transmission should now be a top priority, says leading UK scientist | Pharmaceuticals industry

It is questionable how much longer the current Covid-19 vaccines will be used as they have largely done their job in preventing mass deaths, and scientists should focus on developing a vaccine that stops transmission of the virus, according to leading scientist Sir John Bell. The huge success of Covid vaccines in countries able to … Read more

New clot-busting drug may improve treatment for stroke patients

You are here: By Anne Crawford 06 May 2022 A team of Monash University researchers has demonstrated that an innovative drug that removes blood clots improves the outcomes of acute ischemic stroke and has a promising safety profile. The studyled by Professor Christoph Hagemeyer and Dr. Be’eri Niego from the Australian Center for Blood Diseases … Read more

Nanoparticles are the future of medicine – researchers are experimenting with new ways to design tiny particle treatments for cancer

By Duxin Sun., University of Michigan [This article first appeared in The Conversation, republished with permission] When you hear the word “nanomedicine,” it might call to mind scenarios like those in the 1966 movieFantastic Voyage. ” The film portrays a medical team shrunken down to ride a microscopic robotic ship through a man’s body to … Read more

Life sciences news: Adaptive reveals data on Lyme disease test; mental health startup lands $ 10M

Seattle Children’s is partnering with Umoja Biopharma to test a new CAR T cell immunotherapy in patients with sarcoma, a form of bone cancer. (Seattle Children’s Photo) Here’s a rundown of the top life sciences and health news across the Pacific Northwest this week. Adaptive earnings, Lyme disease test: Two months after streamlining its operations … Read more