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A guide to becoming a successful freelancer

See in this article how to become a successful freelancer and earn big with a working model that has been conquering an increasing number of fans in the world

In it we will give you a complete guide on what you need to do to structure a successful freelancing career and earn money in your spare time or make freelancing your main source of income.

Freelancing is being your own boss and being able to determine what you can do with the job potential you have.

It is a working model that has been winning over millions of people, but it is always important to highlight that to succeed in this market, you need to have a method.


You will see that with planning and seriousness, you can also occupy a prominent place in the freelance market.

The step by step on how to become a successful freelancer

Check out the step-by-step guide below to be a successful freelancer and conquer a prominent position in a market that is growing fast in the world.

1 – Position yourself professionally

Our first tip on how to become a successful freelancer is precisely to take a professional stance on this decision. The market, in whatever area you decide to work as a freelancer, is increasingly demanding.

The Gig Economy, as the job market for freelancers is known, is super professionalized, and to succeed in this area you need to take your work as a freelancer, whether occasional or as a main activity, very seriously.

2 – Define your area of ​​expertise

This is another decision for which you need to reflect a lot, in order to position yourself intelligently in this market, and to work towards becoming a reference in your area, and not just one of those freelancers who propose to do everything and they are not masters of anything.

Focus your efforts on an area that, first and foremost, you have already mastered and have a good experience with. The second is to work on what you’re really passionate about, as that passion ends up turning into great jobs and financial results.

Don’t be tempted to define yourself as a freelancer in hundreds of specializations. This, in addition to giving the impression that you are a generalist rather than a specialist, will not help at all. It’s one of the biggest mistakes a freelancer can make .

3 – Create a space to develop your work as a freelancer

Another tip that we consider essential for you to be able to work productively as a freelancer is to have a space in your home, to develop this work, especially if you are going to dedicate yourself fully to this activity.

How to become a successful freelancer if you can’t focus on your jobs? No one can achieve such a feat. Therefore, we recommend that you reserve a space in your home precisely to develop your work.

4 – Creating a work routine

There is no way to become a successful freelancer if you don’t create a work routine to do this type of work. Discipline in the home office is one of the pillars of a successful career in this area.

In addition to your work routine, with times to start and finish your work, breaks and very well defined appointments, you will also need to talk to your family, so that they understand that you are only physically at home. In fact, the “soul” is at work.

Relying on the support of others who are in your home work environment is one of the great secrets of successful freelancers.

5 – Always invest in training

Another key tip for anyone who wants to know how to become a successful freelancer is to always invest in training, whether you are starting your career or are already an experienced professional.

The current economy is very dynamic and what you know today may be outdated in a short time. Therefore, it is essential that you keep up to date with the latest techniques and tools involved in your area of ​​expertise.

A good tip is to create a reserve fund with the earnings you obtain from the activity of a freelancer to pay for these trainings. Take courses that add value to your work and put you on another professional level.

6 – Quality as a trademark

One of the most important tips for anyone who wants to know how to become a successful freelancer is to make quality your hallmark. Having good reviews on your profile is perhaps one of the greatest tools for publicizing your work.

A very successful freelancer once told us that his big secret was to face each job as if it were his last, where he would have to surpass all the previous ones, to leave him as a milestone in his professional history.

One of the secrets in this market is knowing how freelancers can retain their clients, and without a doubt, delivering high-quality work is one of the ways to turn an occasional job into a recurring client.

7 – Selling your work as a freelancer

Another secret to attracting clients, both in freelance work platforms such as Marketing Job and in a personal marketing strategy on social networks is to create a good portfolio, which shows in a different way the work that has already been performed.

Try to post examples of work in different industries to broaden your portfolio and demonstrate your flexibility. Here on our website, in your account profile area, we have a great tool for that.

Another tip for being a successful freelancer is to promote yourself intensively on the Internet. Publish your profile on Marketing Job, on your social networks, have a portfolio on Behance and other sites dedicated to this type of promotion.


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