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7 Tips for Good Personal Organization

Have you ever been discouraged at the end of the day for not having been able to complete all your tasks? Know that this is totally normal, because often, due to lack of personal organization, it is not possible to meet all daily goals. And when it’s possible, the day ends with a lot of gratitude and that feeling of accomplishment! With this, it is possible to gain more time in everyday life, stop procrastinating and be a more organized and focused person.

It is possible to do much more of what you like or need when you have free time, such as watching that series you love or studying a new language. So, if you want to become a more organized person, here are 7 tips for good personal organization:

have an agenda

Having an agenda is essential for anyone who wants to organize their day to day. It can be a digital or paper agenda, as the goal is to write down all your tasks and appointments. You will be able to better organize yourself for your upcoming appointments by writing down and scheduling everything that is important. Having a schedule, the chances of you forgetting your daily tasks will decrease.

focus on quality

No matter how busy your day is, don’t try to do more than your time allows. Of course, the more things you can do, the better, but as long as everything is done WELL. It’s no use putting 30 things on the agenda to do, if you only have time available for 10. It’s much better to do a single thing well done than two without quality.


don’t procrastinate

Don’t waste any more time on unnecessary things. Whenever you find yourself doing something that isn’t important, stop immediately and get back to work. Remember that good feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day and get back to doing your tasks. In the end, when everything is finished and you realize that your time is even running out, you will be grateful for your attitude.

do things you like

Personal organization also means knowing how to manage time for yourself! Often, with the stress and rush of the day, many forget to take the time to do something they like, like watch a movie, read a book or just relax. No matter how much work you have, always try to take a few minutes a day to do whatever you enjoy! Having a reward after a long day at work can help keep you motivated.

check your list

Review your list at the end of the day to confirm that all your tasks are done. If you managed to finish everything, congratulations, keep it up! If you “owe” something, try to finish it, or write it down as a priority for the next day. Don’t put pressure on yourself, because it’s not always possible to get everything done the way we planned.


Take a deep breath

The simple act of stopping and taking a deep breath can help when we have a lot to do. It is normal for stress to appear, and along with it, discouragement due to the amount of things to be done in a single day. With this, many people end up giving up and leaving to do their tasks the next day, and so on. When they realize, the work is all accumulated, and it becomes even more difficult to organize and return to the normal routine. So take a deep breath, calm down and do one thing at a time. Remember the tip we already talked about: it’s much better to do a little, but done well, than a lot in a hurry and without quality. Don’t try to do everything at once. Relax and gradually go about your day’s tasks.

Do not be discouraged

This tip complements the previous tip. Just because today didn’t work out, don’t give up on your plans, goals, tasks and commitments. Start earlier tomorrow, with more focus and determination. Not always planning the day will work out the way you imagined. But know that every day you have a new chance to get organized. So, it’s not because of a slip that you’re going to throw it all away, right? Start over and continue until it works. Give your best daily!

We hope today’s tips can help you to have a good personal organization!

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