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7 strategies to stand out in marketplaces

We’ve separated some essential strategies for you to start applying and standing out in the marketplaces , achieving a good number of sales.

Understand the best strategies for marketplaces

Currently, there are several types of Marketplaces and each one stands out in a specific sales segment, having a more precise target audience. Some of them only sell electronics or are geared towards fashion items, etc.

In addition to this factor, it should be noted that when selling on a particular platform, your company’s image will be linked to that chosen marketplace .

So, do a search to find out which are the best options on the market for your type of product and which companies have recognition to receive you.

Understand platform requirements

Once you’ve decided on the ideal marketplace, it’s time to understand the guidelines and requirements for your product to be sold there.

Usually the requirements of the ads are: image sharpness, more than one photo per product, detailed and objective product names, proper categorization and complete descriptions with true details about the product , among other things.

When the rules are not followed, in general, the platforms do not penalize the sellers, but guide so that what happened does not happen again and in some cases your product may not be approved, requiring adjustments.

If the «error» is recurring , the seller may have the sale of their products canceled by the marketplace . That’s why it’s important to always be aware of these rules and the constant changes.

Categorize products correctly

It is imperative that products are listed according to their categories, as platforms often recommend similar products during customer browsing.

If the categorization is not done correctly, the user will not find your product, or even, you will not have your product recommended, which increases your chances of losing a possible sale.

To use categories and create filters correctly, do a search for goods similar to yours within the marketplace and observe what type of categorization they are in and in which filters they are inserted.

This survey will help you not to make mistakes when registering your products.

Get competitive prices

The public usually does a detailed price research on marketplaces , precisely because of the ease of “clicks”.

Consequently, if the price of a product is too high than usual, the customer will opt for the competition, and if it is much lower, it is possible that they will be suspicious of the quality or origin of that product.

To help with pricing, the ideal is that you do a good market research observing product prices, deliveries and deadlines.

Invest in a good image and description

That’s when you will have the opportunity to win more customers.

In the product description , it is necessary to place relevant characteristics that differentiate it from the competition.

This still allows the ad to be found by consumers when they do searches on search engines and on the marketplace itself.

With the images, it couldn’t be different, they are the visual presentation of the product , the ideal is to choose or even produce professional photos of the goods so that the images are the best possible.

Optimize shipping time and price

The delivery time is also taken into account by the public at the time of closing the purchase. Many users prefer to purchase a product in a national e-commerce than an international one and the reason is one: delivery time, which can be longer in a foreign order.

And this logic could not be different between sellers of the same Marketplace. Equal products in the same price range, whoever owns the lowest delivery rate and for the best time wins.

And how to be faster in deliveries?

This is a logistical process that begins with the storage of products in stock, which requires study and knowledge of customer needs. It is possible, for example, to hire a company specialized in the subject to bring improvements.

It is also possible to optimize and even offer free shipping strategically for your e-commerce.

Many consumers are reluctant to pay a high price for shipping and offering an optimization in the price of this service can be a good sales strategy.

Before offering this benefit, examine other important points of your store, such as: product pricing, store expenses and the correct calculation of the profit margin.

Through this research you will be able to understand the best ways to offer this type of freight to your customers, which can be:

  • Establishing a minimum purchase amount;
  • Establishing a minimum quantity of products;
  • Increasing the value of certain products;
  • Offering free on special dates.

The important thing is to understand that this strategy cannot harm your business and must be done responsibly.

Some marketplaces work with imposed policies on free shipping. The merchant ends up not having full autonomy to apply this type of strategy in his online store, so it is necessary to be aware of these rules.

Look for good reviews

How many times have you only purchased a product due to positive reviews from friends?

Today, customer reviews and good experiences are essential for the customer’s purchase decision and this would be no different in the marketplace.

For this to happen, it is important to serve well, answer your questions quickly and clearly, offering products with clear descriptions, encouraging users to evaluate them after completing the purchase.

You can, for example, send cards and gifts asking the buyer to share their shopping experience.

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