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6 tips to start off on the right foot in a new job

The first few days at a new job can bring some insecurities and fears for anyone. And this is completely normal, as it is necessary to deal with a new environment, new colleagues and responsibilities. In addition, butterflies in the stomach appear because everyone wants to start the new stage in the best possible way.

And know that the first few days are very important, since it is in the initial phase that the professional is analyzed more closely. And yes, as much as some things can be changed, first impressions are the ones that stay. But don’t worry, today we’ve brought you some tips to get you started on the right foot in your new job:

Develop a watchful eye

Being observant and knowing how to analyze everything and everyone is an excellent strategy for the adaptation period. As much as you already know the company or the people who work there, the best thing is to see it with your own eyes.

Be punctual

Being punctual should not be a tip, but a rule. It applies to every day, whether it’s a new job or an old one. However, for the first day of employment, be even more careful. As we already mentioned, the first impression can make a big impact, so be very careful. We know that unforeseen events happen, but try your best to be punctual.

Don’t be ashamed of your doubts

It’s normal to feel a little lost in the first few days, so don’t be ashamed of your doubts. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. This can also demonstrate interest and willingness to learn. But of course, we’re talking about work questions, not personal ones, okay? So, be calm about doubts, and just take care not to disturb the work of others. If there are a lot of questions, arrange a time in your boss’s or co-worker’s schedule to get them out.

don’t force friendships

Don’t avoid making new friends, but don’t overdo it either. It is normal for you to want to seek some contact in the new environment, but avoid too much intimacy with people you barely know. Find a balance: be nice, but with formality.

Understand the company culture

The ideal is to research about the company (its mission, values ​​and objectives) even before doing the first interview. But, in case you haven’t researched very well, take some time to get to know a little better about the environment in which you will work. This will be very important for your adaptation to happen faster. Remember that each company is different, with its own characteristics and personalities.

Don’t be ashamed to introduce yourself

For many, it may be something simple, but there are people who find it difficult or even ashamed to introduce themselves. However, know that it is very important that you get to know your new colleagues and that they also get to know you. Try to find out when people usually get together for coffee and use that time to introduce yourself. In addition to sympathy, the gesture of introducing yourself to people you don’t know demonstrates self-confidence.

Finally, remember that the most important thing is to be yourself. And don’t forget to show interest in learning and always update yourself.

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