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10 hot careers you need to keep an eye on

Choosing a profession should take into account what you have the most affinity for. But don’t forget that it’s also very important to analyze the market to find out which professional careers are on the rise.

A survey released by LinkedIn in early 2020 revealed that the most sought-after professionals are in the information technology area.

Another area where the search for professionals increased was health, in view of the public health emergency experienced in 2020.

Are we going to see these and other professional careers on the rise and worth investing in, even in times of crisis?

1. Digital Marketing

According to LinkedIn research, the social media manager is the most in-demand professional at the moment. Between 2015 and 2019, the search for this professional increased by 122%. What’s more: of the 15 emerging careers mentioned in the report, at least nine are linked to the IT area.

This professional is responsible for planning the communication strategy of companies through social networks, making them perform well and win new customers online.

Graduation in Digital Media, which lasts 2 years, is one of the course options for those who want to enter the career. But it can also be exercised by IT professionals such as data scientists.

2. Data Science

As the social media manager, the data scientist uses advanced information systems to analyze and organize data that can help companies improve their products and services.

The idea is to provide information that helps managers make better decisions and achieve better results in any area of ​​the company — sales, customer service, etc.

The data scientist can capture both internal data (generated within the company) and external data (from social networks or the company’s website, for example).

3. Medicine

The medical career has always been one of the most competitive in university entrance exams. But, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, professionals in the area have become even more disputed in public and private health units across the country.

In other words, there is no shortage of jobs, as well as professional challenges. But if you dream of becoming a doctor, know that you will have a long way to go. The medical course lasts 6 years, plus the residency period, which varies according to each desired specialization.

4. Physiotherapy

A physical therapist is a professional who takes care of the health of the body and movements. It is essential to maintain the quality of life, acting for the physical rehabilitation of patients who have lost of motor functions. The Faculty of Physiotherapy lasts for 4 years.

5. Administration

Graduates in the administration have a wide range of vacancies in the job market and can work in any business segment. In addition, there are many possibilities for specialization. Therefore, it is one of the professional careers that are always on the rise.

But getting a job in the area is not always easy, as the high demand is proportional to the demand level of the companies, which hire only the most qualified.

In times of crisis, it is important to ensure complete training and versatility to be valued in the market. The course takes four years to complete.

6. Economy

The economist plays a very important role within organizations and society, since the economy directly influences the political situation of the country and the living conditions of the population.

Our country needs trained professionals to point out trends and economic indicators, helping in the financial planning of individuals or companies. Without it, businesses go bankrupt and people go into debt, which creates instability in the economy.

Interested in pursuing a degree in economics? The course lasts for 4 years.

7. Logistics

Logistics activities have been gaining strength in recent years, especially due to the growth of e-commerce and delivery services. And everything indicates that these segments will grow even more, generating many jobs for professionals in the area.

And it is not for nothing that the logistics specialist has become a fundamental presence within companies. It has the function of evaluating processes and the quality of products and services, identifying opportunities for improvement, such as, for example, making deliveries faster and reducing costs.

The professional training in this area will deal with calculations, process management and administration, and marketing, among other disciplines. The higher course in Logistics is of the technologist type, with a duration of 2 years. There is also the possibility of graduating in Production Engineering and working in the same segment.

8. Agronomic engineering

The professional who graduated in the area is qualified to work in various sectors of agricultural production, developing areas for growing food and plants, and all the factors involved in the process, such as irrigation, rural buildings and installations, agricultural chemistry, soil analysis, and preparation, of agricultural products, among other activities.

This is a good career option for those who are passionate about nature. But prepare to study hard, as the course lasts for 5 years.

9. Civil Engineering

One of the professional careers that are always on the rise, civil engineering is also vital for the country’s economic health. The professional in the area is able to carry out projects of residential and commercial constructions, as well as public works – viaducts, streets, roads, etc.

After obtaining your degree, you will be able to specialize in hydraulic projects, basic sanitation, transport, and construction materials, among others. The engineering course also lasts 5 years.

10. Biotechnology

A biotechnologist is a scientist who is dedicated to improving industrial production processes based on natural inputs (analysis of plant and cell properties), aiming to create quality products and services without impacting the environment.

In recent years, with the awareness of sustainability and the advancement of technologies to obtain biodegradable products, the demand for this degree has grown a lot.

Biotechnology is widely used in industries, especially in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Professionals in this area spend a good part of their time in the laboratory, evaluating samples of materials and formulas, and graduation lasts from 2 to 4 years.


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