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Therefore, anyone looking for an internship at a digital marketing company needs to prepare. Today, everyone has access to social networks and thinks they know how to promote and manage businesses in the web environment.

People like you, who know what they want and understand that not everything is as easy as it seems, can stand out. For this, we have separated below some main points for you to find and be accepted in an internship in high level digital marketing.

Dedicate yourself to each item on this list and the results will follow.

#1 Study the company where you want to apply

The worst possible strategy is to craft an interview script that will work for any and every company you want to work for.

Don’t see yourself as “an intern”, but rather an intern at company X – X here corresponds to each of the companies you want to apply to. Hiring people want people who are committed to their business.

So how to achieve this customization?

Through the study. Nowadays, absolutely every company has pages on the internet. It can be a website, social networks, blogs or all of these together. Whatever the case, all the information you need will be there.

Identify what the company’s mission is, what its long-term goals are and how it operates. With this data, make it yours and make the other person convinced that you are committed to being the best intern possible, not just another one.

#2 Be familiar with the duties of an intern

The joke that an intern is always making or taking a cup of coffee may lighten up in casual conversation, but his career is serious business.

You need to be aware of what a digital marketing intern does. A vague and not comprehensive idea of ​​the real tasks can negatively surprise and cause panic after passing an interview.

It is necessary to have willpower and availability, without forgetting the initiative, to establish yourself and prove that you are capable of being the professional future for the dreamed position.

In the field of digital marketing, you can deal with, but not only:

Administration and management of pages and social networks.

Content creation (press releases, blogs, articles, posts).

Assistance in advertising campaigns.

Analysis and study of statistics and graphs.

So be prepared.

#3 Have a website

But why does a person who wants an internship in the digital marketing area need to have a website? This can even have costs!

Having your own website can also be a positive impact when you are applying for an internship. There you will be able to demonstrate your skills, creating links and posts on social networks. You will be demonstrating that you are capable of fulfilling what they expect from an intern and can still be a differential and an indicator that you like the area.

Furthermore, having built a Website is already a past experience that can be included in your Resume and Portfolio.

#4 See the internship as a goal to be accomplished

Nothing works so well to achieve something you want like having the right motivation, not even a good cup of coffee. ????

Seeing the internship vacancy with the aim of becoming a CLT is not the best idea. As an intern, your skills will develop with time and experience. You are taking the first steps in building a career.

#5 Contact people who can help

As with other steps in this guide, this is a valid strategy not only for digital marketing, but also for other areas. There are a multitude of possibilities for networking in college and also on the internet.

Friends, classmates, professors and interesting LinkedIn profiles can be the key to the long-awaited intern experience. By being prepared with a good website, built to highlight your skills, and with the enthusiasm expected of an intern, you can make a name for yourself.

Try to maintain a close and direct relationship, which makes clear your intention to get an internship. It may be that the company you are going to work for is not in the classifieds, but is a referral from one of the people in your network.

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